Needle Felting

Let your senses be delighted and stimulated with the textures and colours of one of The Woolly Yow one-of-a-kind needle felting art.

All made from natural fibres from wool, silk, llama, angora to cashmere…

Imagination is limitless at The Woolly Yow.

My name is Caroline Hannon the lady behind the needle, behind 'The Woolly Yow'. If you would like to have your own special piece or your would like to learn the needle-felted art, call today on 07773 131356
and I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.
Caroline Hannon


From Animal Sculptures, Pictures, Vessels, Lampshades, Wall Hangings, Fashion Accessories, Upholstery or if you have a specific theme, I will be happy to address your requirements. All pieces are unique and made with great attention to detail. 

Eco Friendly Art

It is never necessary to skin an animal to obtain fibres used in this process. On the contrary, when the animal has weathered a winter, it creates a different hair character that can be beneficial to the felting process. And because dyes are plant based, felting is one of the few types of art that are 100% biodegradable.


Whether your are planning a charity event, craft party or just a group of friends looking to learn a new craft, you and your guests will find our needle felting workshop utterly absorbing and lots of fun. From beginner to advanced, individual or group workshops can be tailored based on your requirements.

Are you ready to get crafty? Get in touch today!


Since childhood, I’ve been crafting and creating. Only a few years ago, I discovered needle-felting art. Before long, I started receiving commissions from all over the world. Especially after winning the first prizes at the Cumberland Show in 2018 with Gordon the Limousine and in 2019 with Henry the Handsome Hereford. The response for the life-size bullhead felted sculptures, have been simply overwhelming.

Hand Felted Art Inspired by Nature

Felt is one of the most versatile textiles. It is malleable, durable and can be transform or manipulated into all sorts of shapes. 

Absolutely fabulous needle felting!

Caroline is amazing at creating exactly what you ask for and is full of ideas of how to improve your original request. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. She is incredibly talented at her art.